Massive 3,200-Year-Old Tree Finally Captured In One Image After Many Attempts.

With a towering height equivalent to a 20-story building, the sequoia tree named “President” is expected to continue growing in the future.

“President” is the name of one of the largest ancient sequoia trees in the world with majestic appearance lying on the slopes of the Nevada mountain range, part of Sequoia National Park, deep in the southern United States.

The “President” sequoia tree has nearly 2 billion leaves, with a very large trunk and a height equivalent to a 20-story building.

Let’s admire the photos capturing the image of the “President” sequoia tree – nicknamed the second largest ancient tree in the world.

The stunning images of “President” sequoia tree were featured in National Geographic magazine.

Photographer Michael Nichols spent nearly two weeks capturing the photos of this 3,200-year-old giant tree.

Standing at a height of 247 feet (about 74m), “President” is as tall as a 20-story building.

Researchers are measuring the height of this ancient “monster tree”.

The mighty roots of “President” tree.

No one stands at the base of this giant tree without feeling small. It takes over 15 adults holding hands to encircle the trunk of this tree.

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